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Agent Movie Download Filmyzilla, Vegamovies : The Agent movie starring Akhil Akkineni, Mammootty, Sakshi Vaidya, Dino Morea, and Vikramjeet Virk has already been released in theaters on 28 April 2023. The type of movie is Spy, action, and thriller. The Agent movie is about a spy because one government Colonel Mahadev got the project to spy on and found out one agent who was required in the task force. The movie is about a spy because Colonel Mahadev is spying and finding one agent for whom they do not know where he will be and how he can find him.

Agent movie is also an action movie because it shows the previous background story of the agent where he is fighting a lot when he has to complete different tasks given by the government. Moreover a lot of fighting scenes are there in the movie which makes the movie action. The movie is also a thriller movie because you do not know what will happen in the next step of Colonel Mahadev. You are always excited to know if Colonel Mahadev will be able to find an agent or not and if you find that what will be the reaction of the agent upon seeing Colonel Mahadev? The producer of the Agent movie is Rambrahmam Sunkara.

Release dateApril 28, 2023 (India)
DirectorSurender Reddy
StarsAkhil Akkineni, Mammootty, Sakshi Vaidya
WriterVakkantham Vamsi
GenresAction, Thriller
Production companiesAK Entertainments, Surrender 2 Cinema

The movie is totally about spying where one Colonel Mahadev is spying and tracking all the activities of the agent so that he can catch him as per the government task. It Is also about how the agent is furious and fighting with the people. Another thing is you are always excited to know how the agent will survive and how Colonel Mahadev found the agent.

The only thing which can hold the customer till the end is whether Colonel Mahadev will be able to catch the agent or not and if yes then will the government ask the agent to do the task or not? If Colonel Mahadev was not able to fund him then what would be his next strategy to find him because as he got the order from someone to catch the agent, he has to complete the task and find the agent.

We all know how South Indian cinemas always rock and give competition to other movies which are released with those movies. For the makers of the movie, location should be extensive. Locations used by them for the production of the movie agent are Hyderabad, Budapest, Hyderabad Metro, Visakhapatnam, Visakhapatnam Fort, Manali, and Himachal Pradesh.

Agent movie download filmyzilla

Agent movie download filmyzilla : The movie Agent was released in theaters on 28 April 2023 in India. The story of the movie and content shows how the agent was unbelievable and used to work for the task force but suddenly they were not able to establish contact with him and now Colonel Mahadev got the project to catch him as soon as possible because the government needed him.

It was a big question mark for Colonel Mahadev that where to start finding him and how to start finding him but Colonel Mahadev was also smart he started taking help from his sources who used to tip him in any project or task. By the help of that he went ahead and kept continuing to solve the mystery that came in his way to find the Agent.

The Agent was caught by someone else and he was so ruthlessly beating him that we can only see blood in the beginning of the movie. The movie also shows action because action is the main genre of the movie Agent and the movies of Akhil Akkineni are always perfect and upto mark. The Production companies for the movie are AK Entertainments and Surender 2 Cinema. Cinematography of the movie was done by Rasool Ellore.

Agent movie download vegamovies in hindi

Agent movie download vegamovies : The music and score of the Agent movie have been composed by Hiphop Tamizha. The movie Agent has two songs in the Telugu language. The names of the songs are Malli Malli and Endhe Endhe. The lyrics of the song Malli Malli were written by Aditya Iyengar. Malli Malli song has been sung by Hiphop Tamizha. The song Malli Malli is 3 minutes 27 seconds long. Endhe Endhe song is sung by Padmalatha.

Rights to the music of all the songs are bought by Lahari Music and T series. Malli’s song was released on 22 February 2023. Instead of Hiphop Tamizha, they chose Thaman S for composing the music for the movie Agent but later on, he was replaced by Hiphop Tamizha. The movie is not going to release in Telugu movie but also in Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, and Tamil languages as well.

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Principal photography and shooting of the movie Agent were started in July 2021. Actors and actresses were joining one by one because they have started taking shots of other people. Mammootty joined the cast of the Agent movie in October 2021. In March 2022, one particular shot of Akkineni was shot in Hyderabad Metro.

In April 2022 they went to Visakhapatnam Fort to shoot one song. In the same month, the production shifted to Manali to shoot the action scenes of the movie Agent of Akkineni and Others. The movie Agent was about to release in August 2022, but due to a delay in production, they were only able to complete 50-60% of production at that point in time.

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The Agent movie has been distributed by Goldmines Telefilms and B4U Films. The editor of the movie is Naveen Nooli. The story of Agent has been screenplay by Surender Reddy. The story of the Agent movie is given by Vakkantham Vamsi. The original language of the Agent movie is Telugu.

The makers of the Agent movie decided twice to release the movie before, in 2021 and 2022. In 2021, they decided to release the movie Agent on 24 December 2021 but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they were unable to. The next date they decided on was 12 August 2022 but due to the production and the injuries of Akkineni, the movie was not able to be released.

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Back in September 2020, they announced the movie Agent. When they announced the movie Agent, they announced the movie as Akhil 5. The makers and everyone officially confirmed the movie Agent on Akhil’s birthday in April 2021 with the final title. Let me tell you one fact the role of Akhil Akkineni was inspired by one American German movie called Bourne. In that movie, the character was Jason Bourne. For the role, Akhil Akkineni has to build up his body


Agent movie storyline

The story of the Agent movie starts with Akhil Akkineni and Colonel Mahadev who is the head of NSC (National Security Council). Colonel Mahadev got the task to find Akhil Akkineni. Akhil is in the possession of someone else who is beating him a lot.

Agent movie reviews

The teaser of the movie was great because, before this movie, people never saw Akhil Akkineni in this type of role. The introduction of Akhil Akkineni was given as the most brutal and most ruthless. The scene where Akhil Akkineni is just dancing and killing people with the gun is over the top and that scene has impressed a lot of people.

The makeover Akhil Akkineni has done on himself is really incredible and appreciated because in order to look like this and according to the requirements of the movie, he has changed his body a lot like he has to build up his body and muscles because there are a lot of action scenes available. If you have followed all the movies of Surender Reddy, then in every movie of his, all the characters are always super energetic but the main actors are like this only where it looks more superior.

Agent movie Download OTT

Agent movie is the first movie of Akhil Akkineni in which he is doing this much action and his character has been shown as brutal because before this movie, he used to do movies with romance and a little bit of action but the way he has been portrayed in the movie, shows that everyone is impressed and definitely watch the movie. People already love the action of South Indian cinema and after watching this they will be crazy because the way the action has been represented is more than anything else.

The movie is fantastic and there is a 100% chance of the movie being released on other online platforms as well so that everyone has the opportunity to watch the Agent movie with a subscription. Below are some possible OTT platforms where the movie can get released.

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Zee5
  • Voot
  • Disney Plus Hotstar
  • Sony LIV
  • MX Player
  • Netflix
Is Agent a pan India movie?

YES is is  pan-India project

How can I watch Agent movie?

‘Agent’ will be released on the SonyLiv OTT platform in June.

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